Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Economist Global House Price App


Check out this brilliant global house price charting app from The EconomistIt’s got a bunch of indicators including raw house prices, real house prices, house price to income and price to rent ratios, and others.  Impressive!

What’s also impressive are some of the results.  No real surprise in some of them, like the spectacular price collapse in Ireland and elsewhere, but what I didn’t anticipate at all was the strength of the market in South Africa:




More than 550% growth since 1997 seems a bit too good to be true, and is, in a word, spruikalicious.


And here’s another great tool on the Economist site:






This thing tracks reader comments by topic, frequency and relationships with related topics.  Fantastic for tracking what issues have got the online crazies arced up at any point in time.

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