Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Too good to fail?

Financial services marketing types are often keen to use climbing related imagery to promote their wares, generally with laughable results.  Check here for some prime examples.  Consequently when The Economist Intelligence Unit used a climbing theme for a recent report I subjected it to close analysis to see what flaws lay therein:


Surprisingly it all looks pretty good – the quick draw and chalk bag are hanging at the right angle and it’s clearly a climber doing the climbing and not some air headed model.  Just one thing…no helmet?  On the cover of a risk management paper?  I realise it’s a sport climb, where helmets are considered very naff (as opposed to trad climbing where they are only partially naff), but even so, risk management?  It’s also worth noting that he only has one quick draw left on his harness – he’s either very near the top or he’s looking at the mother of all run-outs.

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