Tuesday, April 7, 2009

2008 Snout/Trough Index – the big Kahuna

In my recent post covering the 2008 Snout/Trough index I kept my comparison to the four major banks, but the recent talk of paring back the cash bonuses payable to Macquarie Bank execs prompted me to add them to the list.  Sure enough, they’ve left rest of the pack many lengths behind, storming into the lead with an incredible 60 page remuneration report, almost 90% of the overall Directors’ report.  That’s right, they spend 60 pages talking about remuneration, and 7 pages talking about everything that isn’t remuneration.

Bank Remuneration Report pages Remun Rpt as % of Directors’ Rpt
MBL 60 90
ANZ 22 85
CBA 20 74
NAB 19 63
WBC 17 68

Make mine a Davidoff!


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